Wedding Cakes
Books-tn Available in fancy fresh cream sponges, Blackforest cakes or one of 5 different flavours in a buttercream torte.
Croquembouche-tn Croquembouche is the traditional French wedding cake made from filled choux pastry shells joined together with sugar syrup that is heated to 154 degrees celcius. The choux pastry can be filled with either fresh cream or a custrd cream and flavoured with liqueur. Our most popular filling is a custard cream flavoured with coffee and Tia Maria. Croquembouche MUST be made and eaten on the same day and are made by 2 pastry chefs working as a team. In recent years, these have become popular for birthdays as well.
Hearts-tn We can make heart shaped cakes in fresh cream sponges, black forest cakes, torte, Mud cakes, Madeira cakes or fruitcakes. Prices depend on the type of cake you choose and the decoration.
 Iced Wedding Cakes 1 
Iced Wedding Cakes 1-tn We can ice mudcakes, fruitcakes or madeira cakes and decorate them to look like traditional wedding cakes. We can tier cakes in round or square sizes. For prices ring us on 03 63316833
Mudcakes-tn A mud cake is a rich chocolate butter cake that is covered in a chocolate ganache. The ganache is made using chocolate coverture and Pure fresh cream. They are suitable for Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Weddings or any special occasion. We recommend serving mudcake with cream.Cost depends on sizes chosen and style decorated. For prices on cakes please ring 03 63316833