Our Specialities
BERLINER DONUTS-tn Traditional German donuts filled with Raspberry jam. Made fresh every day we're open by Pastry Chef, Michael Freeman and yes, they taste as good as they look! $3.10 ea buy 4 for $9.05
 Fruit cups and Fruit Flans 
Fruit cups and Fruit Flans-tn Fruit Cups are A Shortbread shell filled with custard cream and then covered in fruit and jelly. We sell them individually or can make them in a medium 8" size or a large 11" size. The Fruit Flan is a filled sponge that sits on a biscuit base. We splash the sponge with a kirsch sugar syrup and fill it with a custard cream. It is then covered with fruit and jelly and has flaked almonds around the outside.
 Bienenstich/Vanilla Crumble 
Bienenstich/Vanilla Crumble-tn A traditional German yeast based cake filled with a delicious custard and fresh cream. The Bienenstich is topped with honey and almonds. The Vanilla Crumble has a light sprinkling of apple inside with the custard cream and is topped with a crumble mix and icing sugar. They taste light and delicious. We make them both fresh daily and sell it by the cake or by slices. Larger cakes/slabs can be made to order (days notice required).
T-Cakes-tn A European style t-cake filled with fruit and covered in a crumble mix and icing sugar. Filled with either apple, apricot or cherry, our t-cakes taste delicious on their own or can be served hot or cold with cream or ice cream for dessert.
 Baked Cheesecake 
Baked Cheesecake-tn Using lemons and oranges to flavour low fat Neufchatel cheese, we make a cheesecake that is baked in the oven. Eaten on its own or served with cream or ice cream, this is an unbelievable treat and one of our most popular products.