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 Fruit cups and Fruit Flans 
Fruit cups and Fruit Flans img1 Fruit Cups are A Shortbread shell filled with custard cream and then covered in fruit and jelly. We sell them individually or can make them in a medium 8" size or a large 11" size. The Fruit Flan is a filled sponge that sits on a biscuit base. We splash the sponge with a kirsch sugar syrup and fill it with a custard cream. It is then covered with fruit and jelly and has flaked almonds around the outside.
Fruit cups and Fruit Flans img2Fruit Cup Prices:individual $5.30 ea or buy 6 for $26.80
medium serve 8 $24.70
Large serve 12 $40.15

Fruit Flan Prices: Medium 20 cm round serves 10: $47.40
Large 25 cm round serves 14-16:$53.55
Fruit cups and Fruit Flans img3TO ORDER RING US ON 03 63 316833